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In 2018, while I was working on my undergraduate studies in Los Angeles, the Lord prompted me one night with the word "thrive". At the time, I thought this was a call to start something at my university; a campus ministry for the students at my school, but the Lord had something much larger planned. I began to use social media to share the gospel and to point people to Jesus on an Instagram page called Epic Jesus Memes, which matured into what is now Thriving Hope. One of my good friends, Pastor RJ, and I began to lay down the ground work which would ultimately become Thriving Hope Ministries at the dawn of 2020 just before the pandemic. It was in that time that we begin a podcast and later launched Thriving Hope Ministries.

Between using Epic Jesus Memes, Thriving Hope, and the Thriving Hope Podcast,

our ministry has reached hundreds of thousands all over the world throughout the United States, North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Pastor RJ Cancer Fund

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Our mission is to help the body of Christ grow deep roots in the word of God, while teaching new believers how to live a life walking in the Holy Spirit, and finally, to strengthen and solidify their hope in the Lord, Jesus Christ.

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Thriving Hope exists to encourage the younger generation to thrive in their relationship with God and grow deep roots in the Word of God. 

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